Summer of Code Mentor Checklist for FreeBSD Mentors

This page collects ideas and suggestions for FreeBSD developers mentoring student projects during Summer of Code. Any questions can be discussed on the soc-mentors@ mailing list or brought to the attention of soc-admins@.

Ideas/Planning Phase, Before Student Applications Accepted

A few things need to be under way before the application period opens.

Student Proposal Period, Before Student Applications Due

Scoring proposals

Community Bonding Period, Before the Summer

Before coding officially begins is a good time to discuss the project with your student and work out how you'll work together. Among the issues you should discuss:

First Half of the Summer, Before the Mid-term Evaluations

Generally, this is a ramp-up period where students gain familiarity with their specific project and make their first concrete progress.

Second Half of the Summer, After the Mid-term Evaluations

After the mid-terms, your student should have clear goals and be able to make steady progress.

After the summer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use Subversion? Can my student work in another SCM?

For administrative reasons we'd like to keep the number of revision control systems to a minimum. Starting in 2011, we are providing Subversion as an option. For projects working against the src repository, this options is almost certainly the best as the full FreeBSD src tree is available for easy copying and merging.

For userland or ports projects, there is more flexibility. Please talk with soc-admins if necessary.

Other Links

Mentoring Guidelines / Advice for FreeBSD Mentors

See Summer of Code Mentor Advice for some guidelines posted by Robert Watson, Murray Stokely, and others.


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