FreeBSD FAQ Renewal Proposal

/!\ with the impending conversion of the pages away from docbook, the specifics here are obsolete. However, MarkLinimon wants to leave this here because the general idea still applies as of 2200620.


We have been translating the FAQ to Hungarian and Greek for some time now. During the course of this work, we noticed there is a lot of outdated technical info, that only applies to older outdated versions of FreeBSD and possibly obsolete hardware. Mark Linimon suggested there was a plan to move at least the technical info of the FAQ into a form that could be more easily updated, such as a wiki. Apparently these plans did not go forward due to lack of time. Beyond the original idea we have completed it with addition of different other aspects, like making it more accurate and open for user comments. In this proposal we are trying to investigate the possible alternatives and work out a solution for this problem.

Our goal: Make the FAQ better.

Better is:



Sample Pages

Possible Implementations

General Problems


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