Quarterly (Stable) Ports Branch


Quarterly is the name for Ports branches cut from HEAD at the beginning of every (yearly) quarter in January, April, July, and October, and the name for the binary package sets that are produced from these branches. FreeBSD versions 10.2-RELEASE and later use the quarterly branch by default.

Quarterly branches are named according to the year (YYYY) and quarter (Q1-4) they are created in. For example, the quarterly branch created in January 2016, is named 2016Q1.

These branches are governed by the Ports Security Team.


The aim of these branches is to provide users with a more predictable and stable experience for port and package installation and upgrades. This is done essentially by only allowing non-feature updates.

Quarterly branches aim to receive (on a best effort basis) only the following Merge From Head (MFH) commits, including, but not limited to:

More precisely, the changes a quarterly branch receives is:

Only the latest (one) quarterly branch is supported at any one time. Support in this context means receives merges from HEAD.

Note: To be sure about any specific change, please check with ports-secteam.

For more examples, see this list of changes that have Blanket (Implicit) Approval.

Switching from quarterly to latest

To switch from quarterly to latest (packages based off ports head):

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