Project name : Porting OSXFuse (modified) in FreeBSD

Student: NeerajRawat (,

Mentor: PedroGiffuni

Project description :

1. OSXFuse package is used for mounting file system in MacOS only.

2. This project is to convert/modify OSXFuse so that it could run in FreeBSD. And with the help of Fuse we could mount the file system in FreeBSD using OSXFuse

3. File System is called XFS File System.

Approach to solving the problem

I started with building subpackages of OSXFuse. In this way i figure out where and what modification it required for that particular package. Modifications are like, removing C header files/libraries which are not available in FreeBSD. including libraries in which performs the same task but have different name. for example , we have glibtoolize command in MacOS, but in FreeBSD it is libtoolize. We have -losxfuse library in MacOS which is required to build Fuse code. but in FreeBSD it is replaced with -lfuse.

Changes are made in Makefile also. So that code could build perfectly. For example, ln command are replaced by cp command somewhere.

There is a sub package of OSXFuse called macosx , it will be removed from OSXFuse (FreeBSD Version).

Old header files are removed from the code, updated header files are added. for example, utmp.h replaced with utmpx.h , libc.h replaced with libproc.h


OSXFuse woulb be able to run in FreeBSD with the help of Fuse library.


June 17 - June 30 : building FreeBSD code with modified kernel, and checking whether it is building fine

July 2-July 29: OSXFuse (MacOS) to Fusexfs (FreeBSD)

Till September 23: Kernel API 7.13 , DTrace

The Code

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