FreeBSD development environments for Summer of Code

It is important to spend some time before the project starts installing and getting used to FreeBSD (if you haven't already). A great resource for starters is the FreeBSD Handbook.

There are couple of factors to consider while picking your GSoC development environment:

If you have permanent, reliable Internet access, one possibility is to use one a free VM hosting provider, where you can select the OS from available ready-to-use images. Examples are: Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Gandi Cloud VPS, etc.

Virtual Machines and cloud environments

Your instance will be created and started. SSH will be started too, allowing you to log in remotely. You must use:

ssh -i amazon.pem

The IP address and you can get from the instance preferences from the AWS console. Remember that SSH connections may not be available in all networks due to firewalling.

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