Advice from former students that may be helpful for SummerOfCode:

About the Wiki

From GáborKövesdán:

It is powered by Moinmoin. It has a markup language to format the pages, which seems to be a bit complicated at first. When you edit your page the GUI editor might be useful, but personally, I don't really like it, I think it is very inconvenient. You can check other wiki pages to find out the markup. The most important elements are:

== Heading ==
=== Smaller Heading ===

* Bulleting list item 1
* Bulleting list item 2
* Bulleting list item 3

''Italic text''
'''Bold text'''

||Table header1||Table header2||...||
||Table item||Table item||...||

Choose a user name in the following format: JohnDoe, WilliamSmith, ... Such formed words are automatically transformed to links. On SummerOfCode2013 your name should be presented as this kind of wiki name so that one can click and read your proposal and personal introduction if you want to include such. I don't think there would be anything else to say about the wiki.


It is recommended that all participants hang out in #freebsd-soc on the Libera.Chat network.

The wiki lists other channels used by the Project. Some of the more active channels on the efnet network are:


Other Advice and Tips

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