This page is obsolete; CI testing is now done via Jenkins


This page is part of the TestSuite project and provides a description of the testing cluster offered by the FreeBSD project.

The test suite cluster is composed of various machines (nodes) with pretty much identical configurations. This is on purpose so that the failure of a single machine does not leave the whole cluster unusable.

Each node has the following:

This whole process is controlled by the autotest scripts, which are further described in their README file.



Any changes to these machines should be deployed via changes to their configuration files in the autotest/node/configs directory. No manual intervention on the host itself should be necessary.

The procedure is the following:

  1. Apply the desired change to the configuration and/or the autotest code.
  2. Test the changes locally if at all possible. Using ./setup -X <step> is an option to execute individual parts of the autotest systme.

  3. Commit the changes and get the revision number R.
  4. The kyua1/host.conf file (canary) is set to fetch autotest from HEAD so within an hour, your changes will be pulled up by kyua1 and a few minutes/hours later, a testing iteration will complete with your changes.
  5. If the iteration finished successfully, proceed; otherwise fix, commit and wait again.
  6. Update AUTOTEST_REVISION in the host.conf of all other nodes to match R. This will push this specific autotest release (and nothing newer) to those machines.
  7. Commit the changes. All should be good and within a few hours your modifications should propagate to all other machines. Note that because regular workers perform clean builds, the latency from push to results is quite long.


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