I just want my WiFi working!

The chapter about wireless networking in the FreeBSD Handbook is a wonderful source of information. Sometimes, however, bits go crazy and you simply cannot diagnose a simple networking issue. Don't be afraid to ask the community if you're stuck. System configuration in a console happens to be intimidating to newcomers.

1. Getting started

2. FAQ

2.1. Drivers

2.1.1. ifconfig doesn't show my wireless card

You're probably looking for sysctl -n net.wlan.devices.

Also, make sure you've actually read the wireless networking chapter.

2.1.2. My wireless card does not show up in sysctl -n net.wlan.devices

A driver might be missing. Check out the output of pciconf -lv and look for devices with the network class.

Well, here are a couple of ideas:

2.1.4. Where is the urtwn driver? It is mentioned on many websites

It was replaced by rtwn(4).

2.1.5. I've got some problems with the iwm(4) driver

2.2. wpa_supplicant

2.2.1. How to configure Eduroam?

An example configuration has been added to the wpa_supplicant.conf(5) manual page in FreeBSD 12-CURRENT.

2.2.2. I am sure I put correct password into /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf but it still doesn't work

wpa_supplicant.conf(5) has a couple of syntactic subtleties, which might be causing this:

2.3. Tools that you wish you knew existed

3. Community support

You may seek help on the following communication channels.

3.1. Mailing lists

3.2. IRC

See IRC/Channels for a list of all the FreeBSD IRC channels.

4. See also

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