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Wireless QoS


FreeBSD's net80211 stack has support for the 802.11e Wireless Multi-Media Extensions, sometimes called WMM or WME.

It has support for 802.11e in hostap and station modes.

WME is enabled by default in hostap mode and is negotiated in station mode.


To view the current queue configuration, use ifconfig wlanX list wme. This will list the channel and BSS parameters for each of the WME queues.

An example of a WME station which is participating in WiFi/AggressiveMode operation:

# ifconfig wlan0 list wme
        AC_BE cwmin  3 cwmax 10 aifs  2 txopLimit  64
        AC_BK cwmin  4 cwmax 10 aifs  7 txopLimit   0
        AC_VI cwmin  3 cwmax  4 aifs  2 txopLimit  94
        AC_VO cwmin  2 cwmax  3 aifs  2 txopLimit  47

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