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  1. Decide on an AccountName (username, FirstnameLastname preferred) and Email Address for your new account.

  2. Contact WikiAdmin via IRC or Email with chosen AccountName and Email Address.

  3. WikiAdmin will create an account for you and add you to ContributorsGroup.

  4. Reset password using new AccountName.

  5. Follow reset password instructions sent to your email.
  6. Have fun editing!

Resetting Password

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Access Control Lists

Two main ACLs exist, modulo more specific ACLs for team or specifric project purposes; ContributorsGroup and DevelopersGroup.

Wiki Modifications

The following modifications have been made to the standard moinmoin. These are added here mainly as a help to the admin in case of future upgrade...

More flags

As suggested by SergeyMatveychuk, a bunch of flags have been added. See the HelpOnSmileys for information on how to use the flags in the wiki.

The flags came from MaxMind and are used here with permission.

The following (very elegant!) perl oneliner was used to convert to moinmoin config format:

ls *.gif | perl -ne 'chomp; /(.*)\.gif/; print "    \"{flag-$1}\":  (18, 12, 1, \"flags/$1.gif\"),\n";'

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