HP ENVY Sleekbook 6 (6Z-1100)

Hardware Overview



Stock machine does not suspend; it immediately resumes when reaching the suspend point where hardware is powered down. This is due to FreeBSD's lack of an ACPI CMOS RTC handler. I have a patch to add this support, and at the time of this writing I am working on getting it in a form suitable for inclusion in -CURRENT.

With the CMOS RTC handler, the laptop does suspend properly, but resume does not turn on the LCD backlight. Linux kernel 3.16.7 suffers from the same behavior.


Stock machine has several hotkeys which do not work: * Brightness Up * Brightness Down * Wireless Radio Enable/Disable

Brightness keys work with two patches I've written - one to the ACPI DSDT and one to the drm2(4) radeonkms driver. Essentially the DSDT is missing the _BQC method which reports the current brightness level, and the radeonkms driver does not know how to control the brightness of this chipset. To get brightness keys working, apply the patches (generate a patched DSDT and configure the kernel to load it at boot) and load the vt(4), radeonkms(4) and related, and acpi_video(4) kernel modules. You will then be able to use the hw.acpi.video MIBs to control brightness. I currently am not able to get the keys to generate userspace events.

Wireless Radio Enable/Disable key is a WMI-evented object, but acpi_hp(4) does not support this key. I have a patch to acpi_hp(4) to enable this key to at least generate devd(4) events, but do not (currently) know how to get it to control the state of the wireless radios.

Wifi Adapter

The Atheros AR9565 adapter works; the 'Wireless Enable' keyboard key does not.

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