After fighting (and losing) running FreeBSD on Intel TigerLake, I decided to buy this, a HP Envy x360 13-ay0021nr. While the build quality isn't on par with the Spectres I came from, FreeBSD support is more-or-less worry-free on the Envy. Sure, maybe I don't have speakers and built-in Wi-Fi (but do have headphones), but that's about it.

It also runs cooler and has a longer battery life than many Intel-based laptops I used, while being faster.

This was the first time my laptop doesn't have an Intel CPU or GPU, so old muscle memory from 15 years didn't apply here (although I only used FreeBSD for 8.5 of those). However, I switched back to a Spectre, but the 14" TigerLake version which has working audio (unlike the 13) and now graphics, but still runs hotter.

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