FreeBSD Ports: New Contributors 101

First up, thank you for deciding to dedicate your time and effort to the FreeBSD community and to make things better.

This guide is designed to be lightweight, get you ramped up quickly, and save you time and effort. Is it not exhaustive.

Get Ready

Get The Tools

At a minimum:

For bonus points:

Your Resources

Your Support Network

The Basic Process

This is a basic process for making changes to one port. If you plan to do longer-term ports work, or across multiple ports, we suggest cloning an entire ports tree with git, so you have all of those tools and features available to you (like branching, stashing, etc).

Here it is in action:

cp -Rp /usr/ports/category/portname ~username/ports/category
<make some changes>
port test
<fix reported issues>
port test
port diff

port diff > patch.diff

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