This is a list of ports tasks, resources and ideas.

Be sure to check the PR database to see if something has already been done. To correlate PRs with existing ports check here.

Table of Contents

Ports Tasks

New ports

See WantedPorts (new desired ports)

Update ports

See also:

Fix ports

See also:

Clean up ports

Ports documentation

Additions to the current ports documentation.

In addition, IMHO the whole ports documentation could be put in a single document. Currently some information is contained in the Handbook (usage for users; missing update information). Porter's Handbook (for port developers; some issues described in above links) and Committer's Guide (sections about ports tree integration in CVS, repocopies, etc). A single document could have the following sections (not necessarily ordered, and some could be appendices):

Ports system infrastructure

Improvements to the current ports system and/or layout

Per port pages

Specific port pages, also see entries under Ports.


Adopting ports

At any given time, approximately 20 - 25% of ALL ports are unmaintained. Orphaned ports need love too! If you use it, consider adopting it. To find all ports that you have installed that are up for grabs, simply run pkg query -e %o.

Now that you know what is available, here are some links to guide you through the process.

-- ThomasAbthorpe

Stale Pages

(MarkLinimon note: these are pages that have not been updated in some time.)

Ports Resources, Status, and Monitoring

Porting resources

Notes and clues about different porting scenarios.

Status and monitoring

Statistics, reports and status of ports.

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